teasing, internet posts, and exploiting your kids on jimmy kimmel…


Today was, hallelujah, a poop free day. Oh wait, let me clarify. It was not poop free I suppose, but it was not poop intrusive. That was beyond awful. And one day, when Elis Rey decides she wants to start dating a boy of whom I don’t approve, I plan on showing him yesterday’s blog post.  20 bucks says he goes running and never shows up again. Heehee…Along those lines…

There is a new phenomenon. I noticed it a month or so ago when I watched the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween candy trick videos. He had parents hide the kids’ Halloween candy and then video the kids’ responses. It was honestly pretty funny.  He just did it again. However, in this case, he asked parents to give their kids an early Christmas present, but to make it a really lousy one, and to again video and then submit the responses of the kids. I admit I watched it, and got a kick out of it. But it was not quite as funny. Some of the kids were wretched. Horrible, little nasty spoiled punks who were simply awful. But still they were kids. And the parents were tricking them for their own amusement, and the amusement of millions, purposely making their children cry.

As someone who posts a pretty open and public blog about our family antics (i.e. poor Elis Rey’s “poo-ing for posterity” post), I think that transparency is healthy. It is honest. It is real. But I think it can be taken too far. For example, Hadley has his first little crush…same girl for about a year now. He has asked me to not tell anyone. And I have not, nor would I. Even for a million dollars. Or five million. Ken said he would sell the secret for 20 million, so I have not told him either. But this is my son’s choice, his feelings. And a step further…purposely tricking your kids or playing mean pranks on them, hoping to elicit a crazy reaction so that you can post it for all the world? I tend to think that is over the line. But that is just me. People probably think that I write things that cross that same line. I suppose our “lines” are all in different places.

Also, I have no problem openly mocking myself. No one is better at mocking me than, well, me. And Ken?? He likes when I tease about him. He digs the attention. “Leah, are you going to tell everyone that I learned my lesson about putting the toilet seat down because I finally fell in it? Really? Alright, well, if you tell everyone that, then make sure you also let them know I am an amazing husband and lover. That way they have a more well rounded picture of who I really am, and not just a toilet seat leaver-upper.” “So instead you are a toilet seat leaver upper and an amazing lover? Ok. Ok sweetie. That’s fair. I will get right on that.” “I was just kidding. Don’t put any of that in there.”


About Leah Sweet

I am a wife. A mom. A crazy lady juggling 14 balls while I simultaneously try to make people laugh. That's me. I love the Lord, my husband and my children. My husband Ken and I have 5 beautiful kids...Hadley our 11 year old son, Chase our 9 year old daughter, Kincaid our 6 1/2 year old son and Elis Rey our 4 1/2 year old daughter and Marlowe our 1 1/2 year old daughter. Please feel free to laugh as you follow our lives. We are a fun and crazy family - always on adventures and always honest about who we are. No sugar coating here, people. So if you want to read a blog about a perfect chef mommy with a mini van and home schooling skills and a husband who works 9-5 and writes me love sonnets in his down time, well baby, you came to the wrong place. Want to hear about crazy car kid conversations? Check. Marital reality including the joys of intimacy and the spats of every day life? Check. Travel adventures with all the gory details? Check. Kids who sometimes leave the house with their underwear on the OUTSIDE of their shorts? Check. You have hit the right place.

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